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Console sales jump 95% in May

Luke Karmali, IGN:

The NPD Group’s video game sales report for the month reveals that console sales jumped up a massive 95 percent year-on-year to $586 million, with console software sales also climbing 57 percent to $274 million.

Titles singled out for praise on the games front include Watch Dogs and Mario Kart 8, with the latter being largely responsible for Wii U sales jumping up 85 percent despite only being on sale for two days of the month. Despite this, the Wii U was edged out by Nintendo’s 3DS handheld, which took second place behind Sony’s PS4 in terms of the best-selling hardware of the month.

Software sells hardware. This is impressive for all systems considering the spike occurred before E3. I’m really looking forward to June’s figures. My money is on Wii U. Hail Mario.

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More on Mario Kart

Nintendo press release:

Nintendo reported today that the game sold more than 1.2 million total units across Japan, Europe and the Americas during its first weekend on the market.

Excluding Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart Advance remains the weakest entry in the series at 5.91 million units. There is work to be done.

Liam Martin, Digital Spy:

Mario Kart 8 has boosted weekly Wii U console sales by 666% in the UK.

My prediction is looking up.

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GameStop global sales hit $2.11 billion, store sales rise 20.5 percent

GameStop global sales hit $2.11 billion, store sales rise 20.5 percent

High hopes for video game retailers?

“New software sales for the quarter increased by 43.1, which the company attributed to the “strong performance” of recently-released games — using Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 as its strongest example example. New hardware sales rose 15.3 percent due to sell-through of the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS handhelds. Conversely, pre-owned sales decreased by two percent.” [sic]

– Polygon

Keep in mind that Nintendo does not offer hardware sales directly through digital retailer Amazon.com. This also does not reflect sales of next-fen consoles Xbox One or PS4.

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