Watch Dogs special editions total $1,240, but do you really need that hat?

Alexa Ray Corriea, Polygon:

If you were to purchase every special edition available for Ubisoft’s open-world adventure Watch Dogs, you would spend just over $1,240.

This includes all region-exclusive editions, such as Australia and New Zealand’s ANZ Special Edition and the Europe, Australia and Asia-only Vigilante Edition, the only version that offers a wearable replica of protagonist Aiden Pierce’s hat. You come away with 10 copies of the game — and don’t forget about the season pass. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to play every version because of console region-locking.

While it’s not quite the same discussion, this quote is relevant to the tax complicated purchasing strategies can have on both the consumer and business:

Mike Monteiro on the Amazon/Comixology model, aired on The Talk Show, ep. 80: Beats by Tim

What you never want to do with an addict, and I think comics readers are addicts, is show them a total. I would sit there at night just hitting buy, buy, buy, buy. So I’m just buying comics an issue at a time. Now, I go to the website and I get to see a total. ‘Holy shit! I’m spending $35 on comics today. That’s really a lot of money.’ Then all of the sudden I’m thinking, ‘well… I’m certainly not going to try this new one I’ve never heard of before. It might suck and I want to get out of hear under $20.’