People of a certain age

Excerpt from “Three Strikes, You Shout” by Philip Michaels:

The people who read Moneyball as teenagers and had enough talent to play baseball are just coming into their own as Major Leaguers. The ones who became sportswriters are working their way up the chain in journalism, where they’ll eventually supplant the columnists who see advanced stats as something to be derided instead of understood. And the rest, the vast majority who simply remain fans of the game, will wonder why anyone ever argued about something so obvious.

‘The world is run by people of a certain age,’ [Rany] Jazayerli said in his podcast. ‘And once people who grew up with these principles reach a point in their life where they are naturally in positions of influence, that’s when you’ll start to see changes made.’

My thoughts on the importance of video games and the influence on those that play to a tee.