Transistor OST

Darren Korb, Transistor OST composer, as quoted by Polygon:

I tried to create a genre for myself to work within, which I ended up calling ‘Old-world Electronic Post-rock.’ After a lot of experimentation, I zeroed in on electric guitars, harps, accordions, mandolins, electric piano, and synth pads as some of the primary textures in the game. Each of these instruments tries to express some component of that genre mash-up.

I have been raving about the Transistor OST since its release and have yet to play the game. With every spin I hear different post-hardcore notes, ranging in soaring delay driven guitars to gritty programmed beats in the vein of Thrice, The Dear Hunter, The Sounds of Animals Fighting, Deftones, Radiohead, or O’ Brother. On occasion, the OST takes turns into haunting carnival themes or dark jazz motifs a la Tom Waits. This album is a must own.