BBC 5Live moves Game On into Primetime

Adam Rosser, host of 5Live’s Game On:

It’s great news for the show and for 5Live. They’ve finally started to listen to my wild protestations. 5Live’s Saturday Edition has, with its coverage of tech and web news, established a beachhead that we’re able to exploit. Adding Game On into the station’s Let’s Talk About Tech strand will get the content out to an existing audience and draw in a new cohort of listeners.

We’ll be covering E3 and Gamescom, of course. As centrepieces of the calendar they’re key to getting a handle on what’s coming up and I suspect that this year we’ll get a much clearer idea of what the landscape’s going to be like for the

new consoles.

I am delighted to see this news. The market is hungry and I’m happy that major broadcasters are catching on. Fingers crossed Game On doesn’t go the way of G4.

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