"An intensity I'd never felt before in a game."

Arun Rath, NPR’s All Things Considered, experiencing ADR1FT using Oculus Rift at E3:

Honestly, I don’t care about the goal of the game. I was just so excited to be in outer space. I could happily spend hours just exploring the environment. But here’s the weirdest part of the experience - I had this deeply emotional feeling of being transported, an intensity I’d never felt before in a game. [Adam] Orth says he wants to set a motion to take gamers beyond the standard, violent, action games.


And there’s nothing wrong with those games. They’re great. I love them, and I have made them, and I play them. But I don’t want to make them any more. And I want to tell emotional stories. And that device is allowing me to tell them in a way that I was not able to do it before.