Minecraft enforces EULA

Keith Stuart, The Guardian:

The grievance many Minecraft fans had was simple: although these terms had always been present in Mojang’s Minecraft EULA, they had never been enforced over the three years since the game’s launch. Mojang had always fostered a laissez faire sensibility; it had pushed Minecraft as an open platform, freely customisable by both players and server providers. But now it was tightening the leash. And people were angry.

Never say never. Mojang is in the right. If you are going to build a business under a given set of rules, comply and seek community-fueled change with the first-party for the future. While many will ask for Mojang to target the bad apples, the scale of a piecemeal crackdown would be nigh impossible to complete given the global nature of the greater Minecraft server spread. Their EULA was built with this in mind.