Freemium v. Premium

Neil McFarland, director of games at Ustwo (Monument Valley), as quoted by

Freemium effectively focuses on a niche - they just happen to be whales who spend unlimited amounts of money. Despite freemium games being seemingly for everyone, they’re not really.

[Premium’s] clearly not the best business model, but it was about our passion and the need to communicate something about gaming; a meaningful contribution to the medium, and to not overstay our welcome. Just give people something and that’s it - we’re not going to press you for endless hours of your time.

I thank the team at Ustwo for a fulfilling and concise experience. Only 90 minutes yet the sights and sounds of Monument Valley still linger in my mind. Relinking my review here.

Looking forward to the release of the Monument Valley original soundtrack by Stafford Bawler, Obfusc & Grigori.