Pixel Art

Sam Byford, The Verge:

Instead, pixel art is best thought of as video gaming’s most characteristic visual style, one that was forged throughout the history of the medium and is inextricably linked to it.

A great post at The Verge today. Pixel art is and forever will be the most emblematic representation of the video game medium.

Adam Saltsman, creator of Canabalt:

Pixel art doesn’t always spell everything out. It can be pretty minimalist and evocative that way. Often when you are looking at pixel art you are seeing more than is actually there.

After Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D in 2011 (a remastering of 1998’s original LoZ: OoT), many were quick to point out that it had been rebuilt as the game you remember, not the game it actually was. Our imaginations have the wondrous ability to fill in blanks and fill out details that may not actually be there. This seems to be the reason I have no quandary with the evolution of Mario. I have never questioned this:

8-bit Mario

from this:

Mario, New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Red cap, mustache, overalls? Sure, that’s Mario.