Order and Chaos

Richard Lemarchand, as quoted by Polygon:

Capy Games, makers of Sword and Sworcery EP and their recent new arrival Super Time Force, and of the forthcoming Below. No two Capy Games are alike — they boldly experiment with the form and content of their games — but their fans follow them for their identity of stylishness, experimentation and playability.

They say that one of the best business plans you can have is to identify a product or a service that you passionately want, but that does not yet exist. The chances are that millions of people around the world will want it too, and your passion for whatever it is that you’re creating will ensure that you make something of high quality.

So it’s my firm belief that as game developers, we should trust our instincts, and cultivate our tastes. Whatever it is that you care about passionately, devote yourself to seeking out the best of it in the world, figure out what makes it good, and bring your discoveries to the games that you make.

This is the same reason I become incredibly excited at the mention of new Portugal. The Man or Cursive albums. These bands are shapeshifters, built on the idea of changing rather than defined sounds.

On the other hand, I will continue to purchase Minus The Bear records on trust of the consistency of their sound. The times they stray away are the times they lose me. There’s something to be said about the complimentary nature of variance and consistency, order and chaos, and our need for both.