O Captain! My Captain!

I have always said I’d lose it the day we lost Robin Williams. The man’s work always seemed to help me make sense of this world.

As Genie, he taught me that anything was possible. As Peter Banning, he taught me to never grow up. As John Keating, he taught me how to look from a different perspective. As Sean Maguire, he taught me the importance of companionship.

Growing up a child of divorce, I never saw my father as often as I’d liked. My father is a child at heart and I can never get enough of his company. When he wasn’t around, I was able to find his humor and guidance in the performances of Robin Williams. I will never be certain of how I made a connection between my father and Robin, but losing Robin feels a lot like losing family. 

RIP, Robin Williams. My thoughts go out to the Williams family.