15 Percent Gamer

A must read that hits close to home. Ben Kuchera, Polygon:

If I had to make a T-shirt for myself in the same theme as the silly one from E3 — and we’ve joked about this around the office — it would say something like “15 Percent Gamer.” That sounds about right. I play games for work, and I write about them and talk to the people who make them. I love them, but they’re one thing in a group of things I love. Not the biggest thing.

I sit on calls about financial results and have long conversations with people in the industry about what’s going on and why. When I close my laptop at the end of the day, I get to help take care of my five kids, and we do homework, watch movies, go out, make food. I may fly something, I may spend time with my wife, I may read a book. Most nights I don’t play video games for fun, but when I do I love it.