New Nintendo 3DS

Earlier today, Nintendo announced refreshed 3DS and 3DS XL units, simply called the New Nintendo 3DS. Kotaku has a great breakdown of the Nintendo Direct event including screens of important slides highlighting auto-brightness, the external build, viewing angles, swappable battery, retro button comparison, and more.

I have been eagerly awaiting (and anticipating) a standard 3DS refresh. While it doesn’t look to be trimmed down in size (these things look like Fisher-Price toys), I’ll take the new internal enhancements to the 3 1/2 year-old 3DS, gargantuan 3DS XL, or striped down 2DS.

In the days of the original DS, there were tons of games I felt I was missing out on but was not satisfied with the hardware. I was pleasantly surprised when the DS Lite was announced. I vividly remember racing out to pick up one up on launch day. This device rekindled my love for Nintendo and video games as a whole. I can’t say that it will offer the same life changing experience, but I will likely be racing out for the New Nintendo 3DS. Interesting name.