Portal's Influence on RAC's "Let Go (feat. Kele & MNDR)

RAC on Song Exploder:

I actually used this application called Melodyne. It’s sort of like Auto-Tune but it’s all done manually, so it’s not really automatic in that sense. You can really mess with a vocal and kind of turn it into this mechanical thing. Really play with the formant. There’s all this stuff that you can do and I use that pretty extensively in this song.

There’s this trick with Melodyne; it’s basically when you remove all the variations, it creates this kind of robotic sound. That’s what I did a lot with Kele’s vocal, not in the verses but during these sections, which I actually got from the video game Portal.

I am a big fan of RAC. Strangers quickly became my go-to jogging album when I lived in San Francisco. As RAC puts it, “a pop album with substance.” RAC’s inspiration from Giacchino’s work on LOST and perspective on remixing versus original work are interesting. Great episode of an incredible podcast.

For those who come here for games industry commentary unfamiliar with his work, check out RAC’s Nintendo Vs Sega and Nintendo Vs Sega 2.