Clash of Clans Nearly Crushed Kansas City

The Kansas City Star:

“Maybe I need to cut back some of my hours on it,” Cain said in July. “I think I’m going to cut back on it a little bit.”

Cain was laughing at the time. He may not have been aware that his coaches did not find humor in the situation. The frustration intensified later that month as the Royals frittered away their temporary lead on the Detroit Tigers. As the season burned, “Clash of Clans” acted as the fiddle.

I just started playing Clash of Clans. What a terrible experience. From the get go, it’s clear how developer Supercell is laser focused your wallet. To build your city, upgrade defenses, or recruit an army, you need builders. To get builders, you need gems. Other than the pinches of gems that trickle in every day or so, you’re teased to pay up. 500 gems for $4.99, 14,000 for $99.99, and everything in between.

The real game is whether or not you can beat the game at its own game; can you last without spending a dime. Unbelievable how people subject themselves to prolonged periods of this crap. In my defense, it serves as a great Pomodoro timer.

Congrats to the Royals on the win. On to Game 7. Such a fun series.