Welcome to The New York Review of Video Games

Chris Suellentrop, intro to Matter’s _The __New York Review of Video Games _week long feature:

Welcome to _The __New York Review of Video Games. _If that name conjures for you an anachronistic, elbow-patched editor sitting at a dimly lit desk amid piles of plastic Atari 2600 cartridges and Sega Dreamcast discs, then good. It has done its job.

If not, then let me try this:

Video games are almost a $100 billion industry, sure. But video games do not matter only because they are large. They are also a new popular art, the kind of thing that comes along once a century. Two intertwined forces, computers and interactivity, have changed the world radically over the past 50-odd years. What is a video game? It’s a creative work — a competition, a story, an experience — that exploits the intersection of those two forces.

This is an incredibly important feature, comprised of great minds and personalities. A must read not only for video game enthusiasts, but those involved in the culture-at-large. So, everyone.