Kind of Meaningless

Griffin McElroy on the The Besties finale, time stamp 3:32:54:

Maybe music is the closest comparison but there is no other industry, there is no other media where genres are these huge barriers between… There are people who play fighting games who are categorically different than people who play RPGs. I don’t think there are as many genres an any other medium and I certainly don’t think that there’s as big a divide between those genres.

Not only that, but games by their very nature are interactive, meaning… your experience playing the game is going to be different. So by their very nature, there’s no guarantee that two critics played the same thing. I feel like those divides and those experiential differences that you have with a game are only getting bigger and bigger and bigger. That means that calling something your game of the year is completely… Of course it is because you’re the type of person who likes that type of game and you had that very specific experience playing that very specific type of thing. It just seems kind of meaningless.