Dual GamePad play

Shigeru Miyamoto on dual GamePad play as quoted by IGN:

From a technical standpoint, I think if we decided to pursue that, technically we would be able to and we can perform system updates that would allow for that. It’s also very interesting from a gameplay perspective idea because there are a lot of possibilities with two GamePads. But, at the same time, taking that kind of approach would again be a drain on resources and require us to continue to utilize our development resources for that. So then it would become a question of where do we want to devote our resources: Is it to creating regular GamePad games, or creating games centered around two GamePads?

Nintendo’s E3 digital event proved they are only scratching the surface of single GamePad interactivity. While it would show the power and unique experience of the Wii U, they are right to focus resources on foundation over decor.