Real-world interaction

Max Temkin, creator of Cards Against Humanity in an interview with Wired:

There’s something super addictive and super satisfying about just sitting down with your friends and having that real-world experience. I think a lot of the times people play Cards [Against Humanity], they have this great time and they often attribute it to the game, but it’s really just that the game was the pretext for them to sit down and have this real world interaction.

Card games typically imply real world interaction because they are (in large part) physical items. For an industry founded on arcades, schoolyard stories, and fighting over controllers, it’s funny how quickly the notion of local multi-player gaming seemed to disappear the near instant consoles integrated online multi-player. I won’t wax poetic about my recent experience playing Mario Kart 8 again, but there is a magic in local multi-player gaming.